Visit to Pulau Ketam – In search of fresh seafood

If you are a traveler hungry for fresh seafood, you will not be disappointed in Malaysia with its lengthy coastlines and rivers operating as wet markets. Not far from Kuala Lumpur, Pulau Ketam (also known as crab island) is an ideal destination for someone who would like to enjoy a hot meal in humble surroundings with a rustic fishing village in the background.

To reach Pulau Ketam, you have to take a 30 minutes ferry ride from port Klang. The ferry would take you across mangrove swamps of nearby islands and make its final stop at the fishing community mostly built on stilts!

Mud crabs and mud-skippers are in plentiful amounts at Pulau Ketam, and strolling through the wooden bridges you are unlikely to miss the sight of them. You can rent a bicycle to wander around the village. They have a tiny school and a temple with intricate designs on it.

Food scene

Choices you have in Pulau Ketam are endless, varying from rice to noodles to hawker food. They also specialize in crabs, which we didn’t try because I’m terrified of them! However, we ordered some freshly caught prawns straight from the docks, and we were served a piping hot, perfectly crispy deviled prawns dish with fried rice, which became hands-down the best meal we had during our time in Malaysia! So it’s no wonder that seafood lovers rave over Pulau Ketam, and its reputation for excellent eateries attracts many visitors over the weekends.


Fried rice with deviled prawns


Quaint and picturesque Pulau Ketam would be a perfect getaway for you, if you are looking forward to detach yourself from the hustle and bustle of city life. Also the gastronomic food experience would only be enriched by the tranquil and authentic setting of this village.

How to get there: KTM Komuter runs trains from Kuala Lumpur Sentral to Port Klang station. Pulau Ketam ferry terminal in Port Klang is right opposite the station. Ferries depart every 45 minutes during daylight hours.


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