Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

Dark Matter

For Jason Dessen life as he knew it changed the day his girlfriend of few months, Daniella told him she was pregnant with his child. They were young in their late twenties, not looking to start a family. So when they decided to get married anyway and go through the pregnancy, it changed the trajectory of both their careers and lives.

Fifteen years later, Jason who could have been a superstar in the physics field is an average atomic physicist and a professor at a small college. Daniella who could have been a renown artist is an art teacher to middle-grade students. Even though they may not have reached their full potential, they don’t have any regrets. They are not particularly well-off, but their marriage is a happy one, and Charlie, the son they raise together is a good kid. In other words, the Dessens live an ordinary life. So who would want to abduct Jason and why?

Dark Matter is a science fiction thriller. It is a story about “what if”s. Although I was familiar with the concept of alternate realities when I started to read the book, I had not given it much thought till then. So I found myself feeling astonished as the story unfolded. I think I would have loved the story more if Blake Crouch’s alternate realities were novel to me. Most of the ‘dark’ alternate realities in Dark Matter had dystopian elements that I am accustomed to, and that was a letdown for me.

Blake Crouch’s writing in Dark Matter is easy to read. I would not call him eloquent, but there is a sense of urgency in his writing which fits the flow of the story. It kept me hooked – I read the book in two sittings, each time reading around 150 pages. Although Dark Matter is not entirely original, it is an engaging book which will probably make a good movie one day! 🙂

[Note: I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review. Click here for more information about Dark Matter or the author biography]


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