The Persephone Book of Short Stories: A Bad Cold By Elizabeth Spencer


A Bad Cold is a story about a family of four. Pete, the husband, is at home with a bad cold. I got the feeling Pete is not used to idling – he complains to his wife of his children’s smoking habits which he believes to be aggravating his cold! When it does not bring him the attention he was looking for, he tries to engage his wife in a conversation by playfully accusing her of having a lover!

It is a good story about married life. We don’t know for how long Pete and his wife have been married for, but their children are grown, so it must be for a few decades. There are no grand gestures of love in the story, yet, there is a sense of familiarity in their relationship, and it is evident that they are happily married. The story of their companionship makes an excellent light read! 🙂


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