Here and Gone by Haylen Beck


Here and Gone follows the story of Audra Kinney. Audra is running away from her abusive husband to San Fransico with her two children. In Arizona, she gets pulled over by the local sheriff who charges her with possession of marijuana. But when she gets to the station, her kids are gone, and the sheriff denies ever seeing her children.

The premise of the story promises a gripping novel. But for me, it didn’t live up to expectations. I felt the criminals left a lot to chance. They attempted to pin the murder of her children on Audra, but they didn’t know about Audra’s past (she is a recovering alcoholic and a drug addict) when they kidnapped her children. So at the time, the masterminds behind the kidnapping couldn’t have assumed the police wouldn’t believe Audra when she says otherwise.

I was not satisfied with the methods of the feds either. The moment the feds dug up Audra’s past, they were prejudiced against her. They didn’t want to listen to Audra, nor did they take her accusations seriously. I realize with her past Audra doesn’t come off as the most reliable witness, but I expected the feds to take her version of the events into consideration, without dismissing her completely. If this is how feds conduct investigations we are pretty much doomed! But my gut feeling (and many hours I’ve put into watching Law and Order: SUV!) say Here and Gone doesn’t represent what the feds do accurately!

I didn’t care much for the writing of Here and Gone either. It’s pretty straightforward (which is not a bad), however, there’s a lot of swearing. I usually don’t mind it, but in here judges and nuns also swear, and it nagged me because I thought it’s unlikely that they would do so in a professional setting.

Here and Gone is Haylen Beck’s debut novel. Although I didn’t like Here and Gone much (I wish she had not let the suspense to dwindle at the very beginning), I might still read her books in future because her plot here had promise.

[Note: I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review. Click here for more information about Here and Gone or the author biography]


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  1. sounds good!


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