The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie (Book vs. TV)

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd is one of Agatha Christie’s most famous Poirot novels and considered to be a cornerstone of vintage crime fiction. The novel’s wow factor was not clear to me at the beginning; it started out quite ordinary. Roger Ackroyd knew too much about the affairs of the woman he had been hoping to marry, a widow who was rumored to have murdered her first husband. Someone was blackmailing her, and she had left a letter for Roger revealing the name of the culprit before committing suicide. The night Roger received the letter, he is murdered inside his locked study. Who could have done it? Roger’s household is crawling with suspects. It is possible that someone had killed Roger purely for money (he was a wealthy man), or perhaps the blackmailer wanted to silence Roger forever. Luckily for the detectives in King’s Abbot, Poirot had chosen this quaint countryside for his retirement.

Out of the four Poirot novels I have read so far, this one is my favorite. It had the most remarkable ending with a twist I did not see coming! So this is a story I’m unlikely to forget anytime soon. Agatha Christie had wonderfully executed a brilliant idea with this story, so The Murder of Roger Ackroyd deserves the many accolades it has drawn.

I also liked the narration of the novel. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd is narrated by Dr. Sheppard, and his accounts were somewhat similar to Dr. Watson’s. His narrative mostly presented facts, and his opinions played a very little role, and for me, that made Dr. Sheppard less annoying compared to Hastings!


The Murder of Roger Ackroyd TV adaptation is a disaster! In the book some of the suspects have redeeming qualities which was not the case in the TV adaptation. There were unnecessary plot lines added which didn’t serve any purpose. And the ending was the biggest disappointment. Poirot doesn’t even get to present his deductions which led him towards the killer, because the murderer confesses!


The book wins! Don’t even bother with the TV episode.



  1. This is my favorite Poirot mystery and the ending is just spectacular. I had earlier stumbled upon the TV adaptations of few of Christie mysteries but unfortunately could not watch this particular one. Anyway looks like I did not loose much 🙂
    Thanks for the review.

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    1. Out of the three adaptations I have watched, I think it’s the worst!


  2. The ending is fabulous. ! I can never forget it . I was zapped for a second ❤


  3. […] me, Death Makes a Prophet ranks up there with The Murder of Roger Ackroyd when it comes to vintage crime novels. From the instant I started reading this book, I’ve […]


  4. So true! Sadly TV and movie adaptations never live up to the book.

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    1. Most of the times, yes. 🙂

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