London Stories: Love Among the Methodists by James Lackington

London Stories

And the struggle continues!

My understanding of Christendom is pretty limited. I know the difference between Protestantism and Roman Catholicism thanks to my interest in Tudor period in England, but I haven’t got a clue about Methodism. So reading Love Among the Methodists required me to do some homework.

Love Among the Methodists is a factual piece by James Lackington. (James Lackington was a cobbler turned bookseller who is credited with revolutionizing the British book trade. Here is an excellent article on his life, if you are interested.) It begins with Mr. R–T’s third wife; a holy sister, eloping after Mr. R–T started to read Doddridge’s Lectures to the family. Doddridge was a nonconformist, and the holy sister wished her husband would read “something more spiritual and edifying,” instead of reading “learned rational discourses, which favored too much of human reason and vain philosophy.” Weeks after she ran away, Mr. R–T finds his wife who refuses to return home, let alone give him a farewell kiss willingly. It turns out that even during their marriage of six months, the holy sister had been so in love with Christ, she had not allowed her earthly husband to have any carnal pleasures with her! So does this mean Methodist women are incapable of having pleasures of both worlds? That’s the question Lackington answers in Love Among the Methodists.



  1. Thank you, for your review, and the link. That article was fascinating and I started to subscribe to The Literary Hub.

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    1. Glad you enjoyed it. 🙂


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