London Stories: Tigers Are Better-Looking by Jean Rhys

London Stories

… You haven’t any idea how sick I am of all the phony talk about Communism – and the phony talk of the other lot too, if it comes to that. You people are exactly alike, whatever you call yourselves – Untouchable. Indispensable is the motto, and you’d pine to death if you hadn’t someone to look down an insult. I got the feeling that I was surrounded by a pack of timid tigers waiting to spring the moment anybody is in trouble or hasn’t any money. But tigers are better-looking, aren’t they?

This story begins with a letter to Mr. Severn, the main protagonist from Hans who was his house guest. It started out so well, but in the end, it left me feeling meh! The characters except for Hans didn’t interest me, nor did the plot, which is a pity because Jean Rhys writes fairly well.

Even though this was not the best of introductions, it didn’t cause me to completely lose interest in Rhys. After some digging, I found out Rhys’s novel; Wide Sargasso Sea is her re-imagination of Bertha Mason, Rochester’s mad first wife whom he kept locked in his attic in Jane Eyre. It sounds intriguing and I look forward to reading it.


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