2018: Year in Review

Once again I came ahead of my goal this year. My plan was to read 52 books, and I managed to read 74!


However, I didn’t do well with my any of my big reading projects. I wanted to read 12 Persephone Books, but I ended up reading only 4! Same goes to my Vintage Crime readings. Compared to 2017, I have been bad at meeting my goals. Hopefully, next year will be different.

Anyway, before the clock strikes twelve, I wanted to do a quick round-up of the books I loved most in 2018. I didn’t have any 5-star reads this year, but I don’t think I’ll forget any of the following books anytime soon. You can click on the title to read my full review. 🙂

#6. War in Val D’Orcia: An Italian War Diary, 1943-1944 – I read a few non-fiction books this year, and for me, nothing beats Iris Origo’s second war diary!

#5. The Colour of Murder – Before British Library republished this gem, I hadn’t even heard of Julian Symons. It’s an incredible crime classic every crime classic buff should read.

#4. A Boy in Winter – I wish this book got more love out of the books that were long-listed for the Women’s Prize for Fiction 2018. This is one of the most evocative WWII books that I’ve read.

#3. Moonrise – This is the first book in the new British Library Science Fiction Classics series, and I LOVED it. Since it has a good variety of short stories, it was the perfect way for me to get my toes wet in the SciFi genre!

#2. Operation Heartbreak – One of my favorite Persephone books of all time. This is such a slim novel that I didn’t expect much from it! But it is based on an actual military operation that took place during WWII, and I couldn’t stop tears rolling down my cheeks once I was done with it!

#1. Like Death – I was blown away by Guy de Maupassant’s writing in this novel. It’s utterly stupendous!


  1. Congrats. My goal was 60 and this is the first year I was below at 52. Oh well, 2019 starts now. LOL

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  2. Nice info graphic! And I will bear in mind the suggestions

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    1. Thanks! I got it from Goodreads. 🙂

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  3. […] the end of 2018, I thought I didn’t do well with my reading goals. But in 2019, I somehow managed to do worse – I didn’t touch a single book by William […]


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