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Born of the Sun: Adventures in Our Solar System edited by Mike Ashley

In this latest addition to the British Library SciFi Classics series, Mike Ashley takes us on a tour of our little neighborhood in the Milky Way. 😃 He has selected stories set in the planets orbiting the Sun (including Pluto despite its “dwarf planet status”), along with the asteroid belt. Even though in these stories […]

The Man with Six Senses by Muriel Jaeger

Michael Bristowe, the novel’s titular character, is no ordinary man. He has a keen sixth sense that has enabled him to recognize things in his surroundings without seeing/ touching, and to him, this ability has been a curse until Hilda, a brilliant, young woman took an interest in his future. Hilda, one of the first […]

The Andromeda Evolution by Daniel H. Wilson

First things first – the cover of this book had me completely fooled! Because Michael Crichton’s name is in big lettering, I thought this must have been a collaboration between Crichton and Wilson, where Wilson completed/ expanded on Crichton’s idea after his death. It sort of is in the sense that The Andromeda Evolution is […]

The End of the World and Other Catastrophes Edited by Mike Ashley

When the British Library Science Fiction Classics series first came out, I planned on going through them in the order they get published. But ever since I received The End of the World and Other Catastrophes, I’ve been itching to read it. With catastrophic disasters striking more often nowadays, and the increase in the likelihood […]

Shoot at the Moon by William F. Temple

Even though I had planned on reading William F. Temple’s Shoot at the Moon on the day of Moon landing fiftieth-anniversary celebrations, I couldn’t quite manage it. But roughly three-weeks later, here we are… 🙂 Written in 1966, three years before Neil Armstrong set foot on the Moon, Shoot at the Moon chronicles the maiden […]

Four-Sided Triangle by William F. Temple

Four-Sided Triangle by William F. Temple is the first SciFi novel the British Library Science Fiction Classics series reprinted in their quest to unearth forgotten classics. The only other SciFi classic novel I have read before is H. G. Wells’s The Time Machine, so if you, like me, are a newbie to the genre and […]

Lost Mars: The Golden Age of the Red Planet Edited by Mike Ashley

I’ve neglected the British Library Science Fiction Classics series ever since I read Moonrise, so now I’m trying to play catch-up. 😀 Lost Mars edited by Mike Ashley contains ten stories focusing on one of Earth’s planetary neighbors, and it’s an insightful read if you are interested in finding out how SciFi writers’ perceptions of […]

Moonrise: The Golden Age of Lunar Adventures Edited by Mike Ashley

At the beginning of this year, The British Library launched its Science Fiction Classics series. I love their Crime Classics series – it has tremendously helped me in discovering authors previously known to me – and given that I’m a newbie to SciFi genre (I have only read The Time Machine, Dark Matter, and The […]

The Time Machine by H.G. Wells

Science fiction is my husband’s forte, and I think I can count the number of sci-fi books I’ve read in my life on the fingers of one hand! So I decided to read a few sci-fi novels in 2018, and at least become a semi-active reader in the genre. 🙂 But I didn’t want to […]

Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

For Jason Dessen life as he knew it changed the day his girlfriend of few months, Daniella told him she was pregnant with his child. They were young in their late twenties, not looking to start a family. So when they decided to get married anyway and go through the pregnancy, it changed the trajectory […]