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Cat Stories: Tobermory by Saki

I haven’t read stories by Saki before, so Tobermory is my first. In Tobermory, Lady Blemley has invited Mr. Cornelius Appin for a house-party. Lady Blemley doesn’t personally know Appin – someone had told her he is a clever man, so that’s is how he ended up getting invited. But at the party, his cleverness […]

Cat Stories: An Old Woman and Her Cat by Doris Lessing

It was impossible for me to read An Old Woman and Her Cat without tearing up. I love Doris Lessing’s writing, but this is hands down one of the saddest stories I’ve ever read. The story’s old woman is Hetty. Hetty’s husband had died when he was middle-aged, and their four children – grownups by […]

Moonrise: The Golden Age of Lunar Adventures by Mike Ashley

At the beginning of this year, The British Library launched its Science Fiction Classics series. I love their Crime Classics series – it has tremendously helped me in discovering authors previously known to me – and given that I’m a newbie to SciFi genre (I have only read The Time Machine, Dark Matter, and The […]

Cat Stories: Lillian by Damon Runyon

Lillian is a brilliant story taken from Damon Runyon’s Guys and Dolls and Other Writings. According to Wikipedia, Damon Runyon is an American journalist “best known for his short stories celebrating the world of Broadway in New York City that grew out of the Prohibition era.” I’ve not heard of Damon Runyon before, but he […]

Cat Stories: I See You, Bianca by Maeve Brennan

Next up in Cat Stories is I See You, Bianca taken from Maeve Brennan’s collection, The Rose Garden. Bianca is Nicholas cat. Although Bianca is not as playful as Pink in Alice Adams’ The Islands, she is quite lovable in her own way. For starters, Bianca takes her grooming very seriously – not even a […]

Cat Stories: The Islands by Alice Adams

A new short story collection to start the new month! 🙂 After rummaging through my Everyman’s Library Pocket Classics Series pile, I picked Cat Stories curated by Diana Secker Tesdell (who also put together Love Stories), as I adore cats. I owned cats growing up, although unfortunately, our current apartment policy doesn’t allow pets. So […]

Tea with Mr. Rochester by Frances Towers: The Golden Rose

The Golden Rose, the final story in Tea with Mr. Rochester, is about Emily’s Aunt Essie. Emily is quite fond of her aunt, but ever since the arrival of Julia, Emily’s stepmother, Essie has been hardly invited to the Manor. Julia “a parrot-tulip, an elegant but gaudy creature with a variety of selves” don’t think […]

Tea with Mr. Rochester by Frances Towers: Lucinda

Lucinda, the shortest story in the collection, is another tale with a supernatural vibe. In fact, Lucinda is the family phantom at Paigles where the Quarles lives. Now Mrs. Quarles, mother of Venetia, Theodora, Clare, Duncan, and Lewis is not very happy about her children’s fascination with Lucinda. She thinks her children are “possessed” by […]

Tea with Mr. Rochester by Frances Towers: The Chosen and the Rejected

Another fascinating story! In The Chosen and the Rejected, Lucy Hillier and Florence Greg are two women who have been friends since childhood. Now both of them are at a stage in life where they have “found themselves in the predicament of having no niche in life to fill.” So when Lucy suggests that they […]

Tea with Mr. Rochester by Frances Towers: Strings in Hollow Shells

This is going to be a short review. 😀 In Strings in Hollow Shells Sandra is a city girl living in London. Now to mend her broken heart, she’s vacationing at Mrs. Prideaux’s country house which has “an atmosphere of tranquility,” and where no one has died of a broken heart, been betrayed or forsaken. […]

Tea with Mr. Rochester by Frances Towers: The Rose in the Picture

Another charming story in this collection. In The Rose in the Picture, the protagonist Ursula is interested in Henry Potter, the son of the village vicar. Henry is only a few years older than Ursula. They had known each other since they were children, however, they are not friends. Ursula remembers the Christmas parties and […]

Tea with Mr. Rochester by Frances Towers: Don Juan and the Lilly

In Don Juan and the Lilly Elsa, our protagonist is a nineteen-year-old working girl because her mother felt that “her daughters’ lack of allure necessitated them having careers.” At work, Elsa’s responsibilities are mostly clerical, and one morning after she mistakenly files a crucial document in a wrong file, Mr. Pelham, her boss chides Elsa […]

Tea With Mr. Rochester: The Little Willow by Frances Towers

It has been some time since I last posted here. We came to Sri Lanka for a short break and then hopped on a plane again to visit Singapore. 😀 So I haven’t spent much time reading. But now I plan on getting back to my regular rhythm, and hopefully read few books from the […]

Tea with Mr. Rochester by Frances Towers: Tea with Mr. Rochester

Next up in Frances Towers’s collection is the title story. When I picked the book, I was wondering if Tea with Mr. Rochester would have anything to do with Jane Eyre and as it turns out it does! Prissy, the story’s protagonist is an orphaned little girl brought up by her aunts. While in boarding […]

Tea with Mr. Rochester by Frances Towers: Violet

Now that I’m done reading Love Stories I figured it’s time I read another Persephone short story collection. The anthology I picked is Tea with Mr. Rochester, the only book Frances Towers ever published. Last year I came across one of her stories in The Persephone Book of Short Stories. Spade Man from Over the […]