My First Soiree by Eliza Lynn Linton was a delightful read! It’s a story about a young married couple who have been married for about two years. Jonathan, the husband one day proposes to his wife, Totty that they should invite a few friends for tea. Next day Totty comes up with a list of […]

A Horse Walks into a Bar is a clever novel, but reading it was a tiring experience. Dovaleh G is a veteran standup comedian who takes the stage at a comedy club in the small Israeli town of Netanya. Avishai Lazar, Dov’s childhood friend, and former District Court Justice is also in the audience, and […]

The Walworth Jumpers is an essay about C. Maurice Davies’s visit to a sanctuary in Walworth to listen to the preaching of Mary Ann Girling. Girling created Walworth Jumpers (or Children of God), an alternative spirituality which assured the followers of its doctrine that they will never experience bodily death! She was a simple woman […]

For me, Death Makes a Prophet ranks up there with The Murder of Roger Ackroyd when it comes to vintage crime novels. From the instant I started reading this book, I’ve been struggling to see how/ why it took me so long to come across John Bude’s novels. Maybe it’s because crime fiction in that […]

This is a very short review! Down with the Tide is Charles Dickens’s account of the night he spent with the Thames Police Force. Along with his companion Pea, Dickens lurk quietly in the dark waiting to surprise the thieves who might come their way. Dickens describes the different kinds of thieves on the Thames […]

The Heart’s Invisible Furies is the story of Cyril Avery, a Dubliner. Cyril’s story is told in different times of his life, from his conception to his old age, and in the backdrop, we see the gradual transformation of Ireland. The back cover says this novel is John Boyne’s most ambitious novel yet, and it […]

The little watercress girl who gave me the following statement, although only eight years of age, had entirely lost all childish ways, and was, indeed, in thoughts and manner, a woman. There was something cruelly pathetic in hearing this infant, so young that her features had scarcely formed themselves, talking of the bitterest struggles of life, […]

All Our Worldly Goods is a story of love; love that comes in many forms. It begins with the romance between Pierre and Agnes, who were next door neighbors growing up in the provincial town of Saint-Elme in France. Their love and commitment to each other get tested very early on, as Pierre’s industrious, tyrannical […]

Stratford-upon-Avon is the mecca for Shakespeare fans. It is where Shakespeare was born and later laid to rest. Now I’m not a big Shakespeare fan. I read a few abridged versions of his dramas when I was young, then bought a tome with all his works which I never finished reading. But recently when I […]

In 1840 Francois Courvoisier was hanged outside the Newgate Prison for the crime of murdering his employer. Executions were a public spectacle those days, so 40,000 people gathered to witness the morbid affair of Courvoisier facing death. In the crowd was William Makepeace Thackeray and in his essay Going to see a man Hanged Thackeray […]