In The Devoted Friend, we have Roger Dange, a recent widow, and an esteemed singer visiting his late wife’s friend. We learn while Roger Dange was away performing in Mexico, his wife Florence met with an accident and succumbed to the injuries. Florence at the time had been staying with her childhood friend, Camille Cousin. At […]

I usually read titles of a book series in the order they were written. But after reading the intriguing synopsis of Last Stop in Brooklyn, I had to make an exception! Last Stop in Brooklyn is the third book in Mary Handley series. These stories set in late 1800 New York feature the private investigator […]

Just like Hugo Grayer in The Onlooker, Monsieur Rose is an aloof, self-involved man. Sensing the impending war, Monsieur Rose had saved his wealth in time without suffering losses. However, unfortunately he had stayed in Paris until it’s too late to escape the city safely. So Monsieur Rose is about Rose’s exodus along with other […]

I’m baffled by the fact that The Chalk Man is C. J. Tudor’s debut novel! The story is maddeningly gripping, and the writing is impressively haunting, so much so that I had a hard time believing Tudor is a first time author! C. J. Tudor has certainly set the bar high for 2018 thrillers, and […]

With only a few hours remaining in 2017, I’m already feeling pretty excited about 2018! I’ve been thinking of reading projects I can pursue in 2018, and today I finalized my plans. In 2017 I picked an author (Irène Némirovsky) and focused on reading her works year-long. I was wondering if I should pick another […]

2017 was a good reading year for me. I planned on reading 52 books, but ended up reading 71! 😀 I wasn’t able to meet all the goals I set for myself though. But I think I completed at least 90% of it, which is good enough. My biggest project was reading Irène Némirovsky’s works. I […]

The Onlooker is the story of a prosperous gentleman fleeing Paris in advance of the German soldiers during WWII. The gentleman in question is Hugo Grayer. Hugo was born in the United States to a Scandinavian father and an Italian mother. But Hugo had become a citizen of Uruguay where he possessed a considerable fortune. […]

I saved Suite Française, the novel that revived the world’s interest in Irène Némirovsky when it was published close to six decades after her death, for last. Suite Française is the first two parts of what is considered Némirovsky’s masterpiece; a five-part novel she had in mind that would have taken the model of Beethoven’s […]

Now this is a story I did not understand! In The Spell, we are presented with a first-person narrative, and according to Persephone’s suggestion, the story is based on a Ukranian family Némirovsky used to visit when she was eight. The family Némirovsky visited with her aunt and nursemaid was a very hospitable one. Day […]

The Ancsas are a middle-aged couple in Communist Hungary. They are quite an ordinary couple – Mr. Ancsas is a mining engineer, and Mrs. Ancsas a housewife – living in the outer suburbs of Budapest. However, Niki is not a story about them; it is the heartwarming story of the terrier that finds and adopts […]

Another winner from the collection Dimanche and Other Stories! I usually enjoy epistolary works and Wife to Don Juan which takes the form of one lengthy letter written by Clémence on her deathbed is to be sent to “Mademoiselle” Monique. Clémence was once a chambermaid to Monique’s parents, but it has been years since Clémence left […]

Melissa Scrivner Love’s debut, Lola follows the story of Crenshaw Six gang in South Central Los Angeles. Now, to the outsiders, Lola is just the girlfriend of Garcia, the leader Crenshaw Six drug cartel. But as the story evolves we realize there’s more to this gang than it meets the eye. One of my issues […]

In Fraternité, the main protagonist, Christian Rabinovitch is an old Jewish man. Although wealthy, he is a reserved man, and his wife’s death ten years ago has affected him profoundly. His marriage had brought him a “feeling of stability and peace in and around him,” and now without his wife as his anchor, he feels […]

Before I started my vintage crime book per month project this year, the only Vintage Crime Classics I had read were Sherlock Holmes books. I remember thinking back when I was reading them how utterly helpless Inspector Lestrade would have been without the help of Holmes he received from time to time in solving crimes. […]

In Flesh and Blood, the Demestres have a weekly family dinner every Sunday. These dinners are held at the widowed matriarch’s house, and attended by her three grown sons; Albert, Augustin, and Alain, their spouses; Sabine, Claire, and Alix, and her divorced daughter, Mariette. For their mother, Anna, these family dinners are a way to […]