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Love Stories: The Horse Dealer’s Daughter by D. H. Lawrence

The Horse Dealer’s Daughter didn’t make sense to me, but then again maybe it’s fitting because love is irrational. The Horse Dealer’s Daughter’s name is Mabel, a twenty-seven-year-old unmarried woman. Her father has passed away recently and at the time of his death, his business had been in trouble forcing Mabel and her three brothers […]

A False Report: A True Story of Rape in America by T. Christian Miller and Ken Armstrong

Until the recent #MeToo movement that empowered victims of sexual harassment to come forward and share their stories, they were mostly a marginalized group in the society. More often than not their accusations had been swept under the rugs as made up stories because for years the Americans have been instructed to be wary of […]

Love Stories: Armande by Colette

Next up in Love Stories is Armande by Nobel laureate Colette. It is a story that made me feel queasy, so I’m not going to waste a lot of words on it! Armande is an orphaned heiress in love with Maxime, a young doctor. Maxime too has been in love with Armande ever since they […]

Operation Heartbreak by Duff Cooper

Today is the final day of Persephone Readathon, so I thought I would pick a slim book which I’ll be able to read in a day. The book I chose is Operation Heartbreak which only has 167 pages, and right off the bat before I get into the story I must urge you not to […]

Love Stories: Winter Dreams by F. Scott Fitzgerald

The only novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald that I’ve read is The Great Gatsby which I loved. While I was reading Winter Dreams, it reminded me a lot of The Great Gatsby, and indeed Winter Dreams had been like a first draft idea of Gatsby. According to Matthew J. Bruccoli, an expert on Fitzgerald, Winter Dreams […]

The Shuttle by Frances Hodgson Burnett

The Shuttle, which I think will most likely end up among my top reads of this year, is a book set in the early 1900s at a time when it was fashionable for American heiresses to marry British aristocrats. These American heiresses were then called “Dollar Princesses.” By marrying into British families they gained titles […]

Love Stories: Dead Mabelle by Elizabeth Bowen

The next story in Love Stories is Dead Mabelle by Elizabeth Bowen. Written in 1929, Dead Mabelle is my second story by Bowen, and given that Bowen didn’t make much of an impression on me last time, I was thankful for this second chance! William, Dead Mabelle‘s protagonist is a young bank clerk and a […]

William – an Englishman by Cicely Hamilton

William – an Englishman by Cicely Hamilton is the first book Persephone Books published. So to kick off the Persephone Readathon, I decided I’d read it. It is the story of William Tully, a “mild-mannered, pale-faced, and under-sized” young clerk. He comes to a small fortune when his mother passes away, but having spent his […]

Persephone Readathon

Last year while I was England I had the chance to pop by the lovely Persephone Bookstore. I have been a fan of their books for a while, so this trip was a memorable one for me (I wouldn’t mind if I could teleport there right now!), and it left me wanting to read more […]

Love Stories: Swept Away by T. Coraghessan Boyle

Next up in Love Stories is Blood, Sea by Italo Calvino. It is narrated by a blood cell (or maybe a blood drop!), so reading it requires attention which is not what I’m up for right now as I’m feeling under the weather. So I shelved it for later and read Swept Away by T. […]

The Time Machine by H.G. Wells

Science fiction is my husband’s forte, and I think I can count the number of sci-fi books I’ve read in my life on the fingers of one hand! So I decided to read a few sci-fi novels in 2018, and at least become a semi-active reader in the genre. 🙂 But I didn’t want to […]

Love Stories: Clair de Lune by Guy de Maupassant

Ever since I bought London Stories last year, I’ve been adding books from Everyman’s Library Pocket Classics Series to my collection. I wouldn’t say I loved London Stories, but books in that series have such gorgeous spines, so it is hard to resist buying them! 😀 Anyway, it’s not all bad. Thanks to my buying habits now […]

Lullaby Road by James Anderson

Isn’t it vexing to pick a book only to realize it is a sequel! That’s what happened to me with Lullaby Road by James Anderson. 😐 People who have read the prequel The Never-Open Diner say Lullaby Road can be considered a standalone novel, but that was not my experience! I didn’t have a clue […]

Dimanche and Other Stories by Irène Némirovsky: L’inconnu (The Unknown Soldier)

The Unknown Soldier is another favorite of mine in Dimanche and Other Stories. Set during WWII following the German invasion of Belgium, the story takes place at a railway station in France, where two French soldiers, Claude and Francois who had come home for their sister’s wedding are waiting to return to the front. While […]

Capital Crimes: London Mysteries [Edited by Martin Edwards]

After reading The Long Arm of the Law last month, I wanted to try another anthology in the British Library Crime Classics series. So this time around I picked Capital Crimes; a collection of London based crime stories put together by Martin Edwards, which as usual begins with Edward’s brilliant and informative introduction! Capital Crimes […]