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Golf Stories: The Last Round by Holworthy Hall

Next up in Golf Stories is The Last Round written by Holworthy Hall. Holworthy Hall is the pseudonym adopted by American writer Harold Everett Porter, who had based his pen name on the name of the dormitory where he lived as a first-year student in Havard. Holworthy Hall was a passionate golf player, and according […]

In the Midst of Winter by Isabel Allende

On a chilly Saturday night, during a winter snowstorm, Richard Bowmaster hits the road in a rush to take his cat, Très to the veterinarian. Richard is a sixty-something professor at the New York University who lives a solitary life in his brownstone apartment in Brooklyn with his four cats as his sole companions. So […]

Golf Stories: One Every Minute by A. W. Tillinghast

Next up in Golf Stories is a story by A. W. Tillinghast. I think golfers will be familiar with Tillinghast – apparently, he was an American architect who designed over 250 golf courses. Tillinghast’s contribution to golf seems immense – he had been added to World Golf Hall of Fame in 2015, and you can […]

Sight by Jessie Greengrass

In Sight, which was shortlisted for Women’s Prize for Fiction in 2018, the unnamed narrator is a young woman who is expecting her second child. With her husband, Johannes the narrator already has a daughter, however, the decision to have a child had been a difficult one for her at first. The narrator writes how […]

Golf Stories: The Salvation of George Mackintosh by P. G. Wodehouse

Years ago, while I was still in school, I tried to read P. G. Wodehouse’s The Clicking of Cuthbert. That was my first time reading Wodehouse, and it didn’t go well probably because I knew next to nothing about golf. So I was a bit worried about picking Golf Stories as my next short story […]

The Colour Of Murder by Julian Symons

I think I have found my new favorite British Library Crime Classic! The Colour of Murder is a gripping novel broken into two sections. Part One: Before is a tale of psychological intrigue, which is followed by Part Two: After where courtroom drama takes place upon the discovery of the crime. Before opens with John […]

Cat Stories: Cat ‘n’ Mouse by Steven Millhauser

Cat ‘n’ Mouse is the final story in Cat Stories. It is like a bunch of Tom and Jerry episodes strung together! The cat is constantly hunting the mouse, and because all of the cat’s attempts to catch the mouse fail these stories are pretty hilarious to read. Each story has cartoonish elements – we […]

War in Val d’Orcia: An Italian War Diary, 1943-1944 by Iris Origo

After reading Iris Origo’s diary A Chill in the Air a couple weeks ago, I was glad to get my hands on War in Val d’Orcia, the most popular of Iris’s works. Iris stopped writing A Chill in the Air on 23 July 1940, a few days after Mussolini declared war against the Allies. The […]

Cat Stories: Puss-in-Boots by Angela Carter

Puss-in-Boots is taken from Angela Carter’s short story collection The Bloody Chamber. The story which has a fairy-tale vibe is narrated by the Puss-in-Boots. Puss had started off his life as a rat catcher in a wine shop. But once his wits were sharpened enough, he had gone his own way making a living as […]

The Third Hotel by Laura van den Berg

Recently widowed Clare has arrived in Havana to attend the Festival of New Latin American Cinema. She had been planning on making this trip with Richard, her late husband who was a horror movie scholar. Now in Havana, Clare is alone in appreciating Revolución Zombi, a film Richard would have loved, but then one day […]

Cat Stories: Schrödinger’s Cat by Ursula K. LeGuin

Schrödinger’s Cat is quite bizarre! The story’s narrator lives in a weird world – at one point I even wondered if this is what it will be like to live on Earth in the future. Here the electrical appliances emit heat without being turned on. You can’t handle things like forks and pencils without wearing […]

The Other Woman by Sandie Jones

Emily is a young rising star at a headhunting firm when she meets Adam, a handsome, successful IT consultant. Emily catches Adam’s eyes right away, and the two of them get along very well with each other, so finally, it looks like Emily has found her perfect match. Emily had been in love and burned […]

Cat Stories: The King of the Cats by Stephen Vincent Benét

The King of the Cats is another fantastical story in this collection. The story begins at New York socialite Mrs. Dingle’s place where she goes on to tell her guests about Monsieur Tibault – the finest conductor in Europe who apparently has a tail! Mrs. Dingle’s guests don’t believe her at first, but she promises […]

A Chill in the Air: An Italian War Diary 1939–1940 by Iris Origo

I was thrilled when A Chill in the Air slipped through my mailbox on Monday. Before 2017, I avoided wartime memoirs like the plague. I’ve been an avid reader of war fiction, but I always thought reading factual accounts of wars would be more than I could handle. Then I spent the last year working […]

Cat Stories: The Garden of Stubborn Cats by Italo Calvino

I’m sure most of you would have seen the news of Orca whale mom’s tour of grief. Her ordeal highlighted the devastation humans cause the nature, and similar to that, Italo Calvino’s The Garden of Stubborn Cats is a story which emphasizes that we should keep our human nature in check. The city of cats […]