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Maigret’s Pickpocket by Georges Simenon

In the sixty-sixth installment of the Inspector Maigret series, Maigret is riding the bus to the Police Judiciary one morning when he gets pickpocketed. The perpetrator who jumps off the bus and runs away with Maigret’s wallet is around twenty-five: “He looked as if he had not slept, and had recently been through some difficult […]

Maigret and the Nahour Case by Georges Simenon

Inspector Maigret is experiencing chilly weather, and so am I! ūüėÄ In Maigret and the Nahour Case, our good detective is asleep when the sound of the phone ringing disrupts his dreams in the middle of the night. The phone call is from Pardon, with whom Maigret and his wife had enjoyed a scrumptious meal […]

Maigret’s Patience by Georges Simenon

While all Inspector Maigret novels are standalones, I feel the readers can benefit tremendously by reading Maigret Defends Himself, the previous installment in the series, before getting into Maigret’s Patience. Maigret’s Patience is set ten days after the events in Maigret Defends Himself, where Maigret had to clear his name against a bogus sexual harassment […]

Maigret Defends Himself by Georges Simenon

‘In the whole of your career have you ever encountered a truly wicked criminal… A conscious criminal, one who’s responsible for his own actions, and acts out of pure spite?’ This question Pardon, Maigret’s longtime friend and family physician, posed during a dinner conversation sets the stage to the 63rd installment in the Inspector Maigret […]

Maigret and the Ghost by Georges Simenon

It is winter in Paris, and Maigret has just arrived at home in the dead of the night to catch up on sleep after wrapping up rather a difficult case. However, Maigret’s plans are shattered when Inspector Lapointe visits him at daybreak to inform him of a shooting that has happened on Avenue Junot. Inspector […]

Maigret’s Anger by Georges Simenon

Finally, the weather is cooling down here in Ann Arbor, and I’m ever so glad to see the back end of the hot summer months! But unfortunately for Maigret, the dog days of summer have just begun in Paris. Anticipating the annual influx of tourists, most Parisians have begun their exodus for more serene getaways […]

Maigret and the Tramp by Georges Simenon

This summer, my blog didn’t see much action. I’ve been busy making summer plans, and then away – but now I’m finally back from a wonderful vacation in Mexico City, I’m so ready to get back into the groove. While I have a ton of books waiting to be read, I wanted to go with […]

Maigret and the Saturday Caller by Georges Simenon

Lately, I have been having marvelous luck with my Crime Classic picks! I loved Michael Gilbert‚Äôs Death in Captivity, which I read a couple of weeks back. Set in a POW camp during WWII, it is one of the most unusual whodunits I’ve read. And now with¬†Maigret and the Saturday Caller, I have a new […]

Maigret and the Lazy Burglar by Georges Simenon

Usually, I’m a stickler for reading books in order, but I think blogging has influenced the way I read. After learning that one doesn’t have to follow the books in the Inspector Maigret series in the chronological order they were written, I decided to go with the flow and read them on a whim! The […]

Pietr the Latvian by Georges Simenon

I’ve decided to take a small break from The Queen of Crime’s novels and turn to Georges Simenon’s Inspector Maigret series. I haven’t read novels by Simenon before, but I gather that he was a prolific writer – his Inspector Maigret series alone has 75 novels and 28 short stories. Pietr the Latvian written in […]