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Golf Stories: Tees And Teens by Dan Jenkins

In Tees And Teens by Dan Jenkins, we have an old sports writer covering the Emily Turner Clambake golf tournament which is on its fifth year. Named after its sponsor Emily, a rich woman somewhere between the age of 55-82, this tournament had been the brainchild of Elbert Flash Pembroke, a former president of the […]

Golf Stories: Farrell’s Caddie by John Updike

Just like P. G. Wodehouse‚Äôs, John Updike is a famous novelist who loved golf. Updike had been introduced to the game when he was 25, and even as an amateur, he had managed to hit impressive shots every now and then. So I suppose it makes sense golf made it into his writings. ūüėÄ Farrell’s […]

Golf Stories: Harry Sprague meets the Masters by Herbert Warren Wind

Harry Sprague meets the Masters is taken from Herbert Warren Wind’s novel On the tour with Harry Sprague. It is the tale of a fictional Nothern Michigan pro-golfer who is on the 1960 PGA tour. Sprague writes letters to his sponsor, Mr. Amos Tabor from the road, and Harry Sprague meets the Masters consists of […]

Golf Stories: Triumph at Crestwood by Rex Lardner

Triumph at Crestwood is taken from Rex Lardner’s golf story anthology Out of the Bunker and Into the Trees which was first published in 1960. The story’s unnamed protagonist is one of the eight golf players taking part in Crestwood club’s sudden-death golf tournament, although he is not that good of a golf player. In […]

Golf Stories: Caddie Crisis by John P. Marquand

Caddie Crisis is taken from Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist John P. Marquand’s epistolary novel Life at Happy Knoll. It is a satirical tale about the rivalry of two golf clubs in the suburbs. In a letter written by Roger, a Board member of Happy Knoll Country Club to Albert, the president emeritus, he outlines the competition […]

Golf Stories: The Sweet Shot by E. C. Bentley

E. C. Bentley’s story is one for mystery lovers! In it, Arthur Freer had died in a golf course under mysterious circumstances a few months back. Freer, a bully and an occasional wife-beater, wasn’t a popular guy in his village. But he had been an excellent golf player who was committed to the game. To […]

Golf Stories: The Golfomaniac by Stephen Leacock

The golf maniac in Stephen Leacock’s story is Llewellyn Smith. The Golfomaniac is a short tale with only 5 pages and revolves around a conversation that takes place between Smith and the story’s narrator who are both keen golf players. Smith often takes the same suburban train as the narrator, and this prompts a dialogue […]

Golf Stories: Mr. Frisbie by Ring Lardner

Next up in Golf Stories is F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Winter Dreams which I’ve already reviewed. So I’m moving onto the next story. B-) In Mr. Frisbie, we have a tale narrated by a chauffeur. Allen Frisbie is the name that the story’s unnamed chauffeur has given his employer to “save his identity.” According to our […]

Golf Stories: The Wooden Putter by Bernard Darwin

There are many¬†sportsmen who have fallen into superstitions. You can find multiple lists featuring these weird rituals online (most¬†bizarre for me was Les Miles’s game-time tradition. While Miles was the football coach at Louisiana State University, apparently he had a pre-game ritual of eating grass off the field!). Bernard Darwin’s short story¬†The Wooden Putter looks […]

Golf Stories: The Last Round by Holworthy Hall

Next up in Golf Stories is The Last Round written by Holworthy Hall. Holworthy Hall is the pseudonym adopted by American writer Harold Everett Porter, who had based his pen name on the name of the dormitory where he lived as a first-year student in Havard. Holworthy Hall was a passionate golf player, and according […]

Golf Stories: One Every Minute by A. W. Tillinghast

Next up in Golf Stories is a story by A. W. Tillinghast. I think golfers will be familiar with Tillinghast – apparently, he was an American architect who designed over 250 golf courses. Tillinghast’s contribution to golf seems immense – he had been added to World Golf Hall of Fame in 2015, and you can […]

Golf Stories: The Salvation of George Mackintosh by P. G. Wodehouse

Years ago, while I was still in school, I tried to read P. G. Wodehouse’s The Clicking of Cuthbert. That was my first time reading Wodehouse, and it didn’t go well probably because I knew next to nothing about golf. So I was a bit worried about picking Golf Stories as my next short story […]