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Dunbar by Edward St. Aubyn

Hogarth Shakespeare’s latest novel, Dunbar is Edward St. Aubyn’s take on the Bard of Avon’s famous tragedy King Lear. I wasn’t familiar with King Lear story, but I didn’t buy the original play like last time because I assumed Dunbar will contain a summarized account of King Lear. However, it didn’t, and I had to […]

The Heart’s Invisible Furies by John Boyne

The Heart’s Invisible Furies is the story of Cyril Avery, a Dubliner. Cyril’s story is told in different times of his life, from his conception to his old age, and in the backdrop, we see the gradual transformation of Ireland. The back cover says this novel is John Boyne’s most ambitious novel yet, and it […]

Hag-Seed by Margaret Atwood

I was very excited when I first heard about the Hogarth Shakespeare project, where modern writers create novels inspired by Shakespeare’s plays. I’m a huge Margaret Atwood fan, so Hag-Seed, Atwood’s retelling of The Tempest is a book I was looking forward to reading! ūüôā (Before I received Hag-Seed, I bought the Folger Shakespeare Library […]

Tell Me How This Ends Well by David Samuel Levinson

The year is 2022. Israel has been dissolved, and the US is plagued by antisemitism. Amidst this political turmoil, an American Jewish family, the Jacobsons get together for Passover in Los Angeles. From the beginning, there is a lot of drama going on in Tell Me How This Ends Well. The patriarch of the family, […]

The Barrowfields by Phillip Lewis

The Barrowfields is a coming-of-age novel which follows the life of Henry Jr. It is also a family saga which chronicles the lives of three generations of a family from Old Buckram in North Carolina. The story begins with accounts of lives of Henry Jr.’s parental grandparents. His parental grandparents¬†are hill people and not well-off […]

Things We Lost in the Fire: Stories by Mariana Enr√≠quez

I don’t know what made the publishers decide on a spring release for Things We Lost in the Fire: Stories. This collection is perfect for Halloween! Things We Lost in the Fire: Stories is a book that surprised me. The book has good ratings, but when it comes to books by relatively new (Mariana Enr√≠quez […]

This Too Shall Pass by Milena Busquets

I finished reading¬†Milena Busquets’s¬†This Too Shall Pass¬†in a single sitting. The story begins at Blanca’s mother’s funeral. Blanca is a forty-year-old woman with two ex-husbands and two sons, and her mother’s death has left her terribly unhinged. Without being able to get past¬†the tragedy even after a month, Blanca decides to go to her family’s […]

Mexico: Stories by Josh Barkan

I was not planning on reading Mexico: Stories by Josh Barkan this soon. Yet, Mexico being a hot topic in the US, I could not resist the temptation! ūüėČ Before I started reading this short story collection, I read some other reviews on the book which were mostly negative because those readers felt this book […]

Hunters in the Dark by Lawrence Osborne

Reading Hunters in the Dark¬†was a pleasant surprise for me. I have not read books by¬†Lawrence Osborne prior to this,¬†let alone heard of him! A little research on the internet tells me he is a British novelist who lives a nomadic life, and his non-fiction, The Wet and the Dry, chronicles his travels through Islamic […]