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Groundskeeping by Lee Cole

I’ve always had the same predicament. When I’m home, in Kentucky, all I want is to leave. When I’m away, I’m homesick for a place that never was. With those opening lines, Lee Cole had me hooked on one of the best (delayed) coming-of-age stories I’ve read in a while! Groundskeeping, set in rural Kentucky […]

Medusa’s Ankles: Selected Stories by A. S. Byatt

Medusa’s Ankles was my first foray into A. S. Byatt’s canon, and I’m amazed by the breadth of her tales! Generally, you wouldn’t expect an anthology by a single author to span across multiple genres, but as David Mitchell mentions in his Introduction, “Byatt’s scholarly knowledge of English literature, combined with her freethinking attitude to […]

Dog Park by Sofi Oksanen 

Olenka, a Ukrainian woman working as a maid in Finland, has formed a habit of visiting a dog park in Helsinki in the evenings for a while now. Each time, she sits on the same bench and keeps watching one family in particular – a well to do Finish couple with a young boy and […]

Chances Are… by Richard Russo

In this heartwarming novel, Richard Russo paints a vivid, true to life, portrait of the chances we take (or don’t take) in life and consequences of our choices. The story’s protagonists Lincoln, Teddy, and Mickey had all been scholarship students at a small liberal arts college in Connecticut in the late 1960s. In a campus […]

Say Say Say by Lila Savage

Lila Savage’s unflinchingly visceral debut novel Say Say Say revolves around Ella, a young woman on the cusp of 30. Ella is an aspiring artist who had dropped out of graduate school a few years back to make a living. While searching for a job, Ella had stumbled upon the career of care-giving. And the […]

The Long Take by Robin Robertson

This year, for the first time in the Man Booker award history, a book of verse made it to the shortlist. Now I only read VERY little poetry – I can’t even remember the last time I read a poem – because it is usually a struggle for me. More often than not, I end […]