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Murder by the Book: Mysteries For Bibliophiles edited by Martin Edwards

This anthology is a real treat for the classic crime fans among us, but, I have no doubt, it can also be cherished by all bookworms alike! Edited by Martin Edwards, as usual, Murder by the Book features a mix of tales by familiar authors (thanks to British Library Crime Classic reprints) and a few […]

Guilty Creatures: A Menagerie of Mysteries edited by Martin Edwards

This is another solid collection by the British Library Crime Classics series – this time featuring stories with animals! The creatures in these stories are sometimes instrumental to the committing of the crime, and on others, they provide evidence to find out the two-legged guilty parties! The anthology begins with a story by Arthur Conan […]

A Surprise for Christmas and Other Seasonal Mysteries Edited by Martin Edwards

British Library Crime Classics publishes a Christmas anthology each year and curling up with it on Christmas Eve has now become a tradition of mine. But alas, like with many other things in 2020, it didn’t go the way I hoped this Christmas, and I didn’t quite manage to pick this up until a few […]

Settling Scores: Sporting Mysteries by Martin Edwards

Settling Scores was such a curious read for me because I tend to avoid activities that require physical exertion! Chess has always been my idea of sports (if you’d like a good chess story, I highly recommend The Royal Game by Stefan Zweig and Theory of Shadows by Paolo Maurensig), and the limited knowledge I […]

Deep Waters: Mysteries on the Waves edited by Martin Edwards

December is my favorite time of the year to curl up with a British Library Crime Classic anthology. When days are short and dark, my mood calls for grim stories, preferably bite-sized. Not only does Deep Waters fit the bill, but also being an islander, I especially appreciate crime tales set at sea. For me, […]

The Christmas Card Crime and Other Stories Edited by Martin Edwards

When I saved this anthology to be read on Christmas Eve, I could imagine myself sitting by the window, enjoying the snowfall, while indulging in some crime classics and a hot brew. Alas, Michiganders didn’t have a White Christmas this time around – in fact not a whiff of snow yet – nonetheless, this book […]

Capital Crimes: London Mysteries Edited by Martin Edwards

After reading The Long Arm of the Law last month, I wanted to try another anthology in the British Library Crime Classics series. So this time around I picked Capital Crimes; a collection of London based crime stories put together by Martin Edwards, which as usual begins with Edward’s brilliant and informative introduction! Capital Crimes […]

The Long Arm of the Law: Classic Police Stories Edited by Martin Edwards

Before I started my vintage crime book per month project this year, the only Vintage Crime Classics I had read were Sherlock Holmes books. I remember thinking back when I was reading them how utterly helpless Inspector Lestrade would have been without the help of Holmes he received from time to time in solving crimes. […]