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2020 Reading Goals – Classics Year-Long and Others

At the end of 2018, I thought I didn’t do well with my reading goals. But in 2019, I somehow managed to do worse – I didn’t touch a single book by William Golding and only read 3 NYRB classics. ūüėź So this time, I’m going to keep my goals simple. I want to read […]

2019 Reading Goals – William Golding Year-Long and Others

Because I didn’t do so well with my 2018 reading goals, I’m glad to start off 2019 fresh with new resolutions! This year I want to keep my goals simple. My big plan is to read all of William Golding’s novels in 2019. William Golding is a new author to me – I haven’t even […]

2018 Reading Goals – Persephone Books Year-Long and Others

With only a few hours remaining in 2017, I’m already feeling pretty excited about 2018! I’ve been thinking of reading projects I can pursue in 2018, and today I finalized my plans. In 2017 I picked an author (Ir√®ne N√©mirovsky) and focused on reading her works year-long. I was wondering if I should pick another […]

2017 Reading Goals – Ir√®ne N√©mirovsky Year-Long and Others

I came across¬†Irene Nemirovsky in the most unexpected way. I bought The Mirador by √Člisabeth Gille earlier this year. It was an impulse buy – the book was on sale.¬†Even though the title read ‘Dreamed Memories of Ir√®ne N√©mirovsky by Her Daughter’, having never heard of Ir√®ne N√©mirovsky before it meant very little to me […]