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2019 Reading Goals – William Golding Year-Long and Others

Because I didn’t do so well with my 2018 reading goals, I’m glad to start off 2019 fresh with new resolutions! This year I want to keep my goals simple. My big plan is to read all of William Golding’s novels in 2019. William Golding is a new author to me – I haven’t even […]

2018 Reading Goals – Persephone Books Year-Long and Others

With only a few hours remaining in 2017, I’m already feeling pretty excited about 2018! I’ve been thinking of reading projects I can pursue in 2018, and today I finalized my plans. In 2017 I picked an author (Irène Némirovsky) and focused on reading her works year-long. I was wondering if I should pick another […]

2017 Reading Goals – Irène Némirovsky Year-Long and Others

I came across Irene Nemirovsky in the most unexpected way. I bought The Mirador by Élisabeth Gille earlier this year. It was an impulse buy – the book was on sale. Even though the title read ‘Dreamed Memories of Irène Némirovsky by Her Daughter’, having never heard of Irène Némirovsky before it meant very little to me […]