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Wedding Stories: About Two Nice People by Shirley Jackson

I was a bit worried about reading About Two Nice People because it is by Shirley Jackson. But it was actually a joyful read! ūüôā This story revolves around two single neighbors living across the hall from each other. Ellen Webster, a sweet girl according to her friends, has always dreamed of falling in love […]

The Lottery and Other Stories by Shirley Jackson: The Renegade

This is not a story for animal lovers, especially if you have a pet dog! The Renegade‘s protagonist Mrs. Walpole and her family are fairly new to their small-town, having just moved from the city. Mrs. Walpole hasn’t adopted to country life yet – she depends on her neighbors’ advice for things that she could […]

The Lottery and Other Stories by Shirley Jackson: The Witch

This story sent shivers down my spine! In The Witch, we have a young mother riding the train with Johnny, her four-year-old son and baby daughter. The mother, probably tired (or lazy), isn’t particularly interested in the observations her son makes along the way – every time Jonny says something, the mother gives him half-hearted […]

The Lottery and Other Stories by Shirley Jackson: My Life with R. H. Macy

Next up in The Lottery and Other Stories is My Life with R. H. Macy, the first short story Shirley Jackson ever published. Having worked as a clerk at Macy’s before moving to Vermont, Jackson full well knows the drudgery that is involved in working in retail – the bigger the department store you work […]

The Lottery and Other Stories by Shirley Jackson: The Villager

The protagonist of this short story, Hilda Clarence, had first arrived in Greenwich Village when she was twenty-three from a small town in upstate New York. Back then, Hilda’s dream had been to become a dancer one day. To support herself in pursuing her dream, she had taken up a job as a stenographer in […]

The Lottery and Other Stories by Shirley Jackson: Trial by Combat

Emily Johnson, the protagonist of Trial by Combat, is an army wife who hasn’t been living in her New York apartment for long when she realizes that some of her inexpensive trinkets go missing while she is at work. It’s not hard for Emily to figure out who the kleptomaniac is – after all, there’s […]

The Lottery and Other Stories by Shirley Jackson: The Daemon Lover

In The Daemon Lover, the story’s unnamed narrator is getting ready for her wedding day in haste. At thirty-four, she’s past the marriageable age (as per societal conventions in the 1940s), so she is psyched to finally tie the knot, although it feels like she hasn’t known her young fianc√©, James Harris (Jamie), for all […]

The Lottery and Other Stories by Shirley Jackson: The Intoxicated

New year = time to pick up a new short story collection. ūüėÄ I’ve previously read two stories by Shirley Jackson (The Lottery and Like Mother Used to Make), and I loved them both. Both those stories were disturbing – which is not usually my jam – but her style and subtlety somehow worked for […]

Stories from the Kitchen: Like Mother Used to Make by Shirley Jackson

This story is quite unsettling, and in many ways reminded me of stories from Margaret Atwood’s collection Stone Mattress. David Turner’s apartment, which is central to the story, is located on the third floor in a dilapidated building. For the same rent, David could have afforded to set roots in a more pristine space, yet […]

The Persephone Book of Short Stories: The Lottery by Shirley Jackson

The Lottery is Shirley Jackson’s best known short story. I know Shirley Jackson is renown horror/ mystery writer, but never having read her works before I think this was the best way for me to get introduced to her work. The focus of The Lottery is a small village of about 300 residents. The date […]