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The Christie Affair by Nina de Gramont

The Christie Affair is a fictionalized account of Agatha Christie‘s disappearance back in 1926 for ten days. The fact remains that before Agatha disappeared, her husband, Archie Christie, had admitted to having an affair and asked her for a divorce. Sometime after that, one evening, Agatha went missing from their home in Sunningdale, and her […]

The Vacation by T. M. Logan

T. M. Logan’s latest thriller begins with Kate, her husband, Sean, and their two children going off to France, where they will spend a week-long together in a luxurious villa with three of Kate’s best friends. Rowan, Jennifer, Izzy and Kate have known each other since college. Their friendship had blossomed while they were college […]

Three Tigers, One Mountain: A Journey Through the Bitter History and Current Conflicts of China, Korea, and Japan by Michael Booth

This is my second five star read in 2020! Since it looks like we all will be stuck inside our homes for a little while longer, I guess I will have to amuse myself with a bit of armchair travelling. And lucky for me, Micheal Booth’s Three Tigers, One Mountain turned out to be the […]

Downton Abbey: The Official Film Companion by Emma Marriott

I’M OBSESSED WITH DOWNTON ABBEY!!! ūüėÄ I love the TV show, love the 2019 film, and now I’m counting the days until the sequel comes. For those who haven’t watched Downton Abbey, it’s a terrific period piece set in a fictional Edwardian country house in Yorkshire. The TV show begins around the same time the […]

29 Seconds by T. M. Logan

At age sixteen, when Sarah reached a crossroad in her life after a period of teenage rebellion, her dad had urged her to pick the direction she wants her life to move: upwards or downwards. Taking upon his advice, now at thirty-two, Sarah has done well for herself. She has earned a PhD specializing in […]

The Night Before by Wendy Walker

Wendy Walker‚Äôs Emma in the Night was one of my favorite thriller-reads last year. I read thrillers to keep things light, as there’s usually no takeaway for me when I read them, but Emma in the Night was an exception. It brilliantly explored the effect narcissist parents can have on their offspring, and gave me […]

An Anonymous Girl by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen

As you may remember, a few of months back I finally gave into the hype and read The Wife Between Us. The first half of the novel had me completely hooked – I was so sure it will be my favorite thriller read for 2018. But then it hit a wall with the second half […]

The Rain Watcher by Tatiana de Rosnay

I adored this book as much as Sebastian Faulks’s recent novel Paris Echo! Now I’m ashamed to admit that this is the first time I read one of Tatiana de Rosnay’s novels too. I’m yet to read her renown novel Sarah’s Key – so I guess this will serve as another reminder that I haven’t […]

A Well-Behaved Woman: A Novel of the Vanderbilts by Therese Anne Fowler

What a marvelous story! Therese Anne Fowler who brought the fascinating life of Zelda Fitzgerald into the limelight with her previous novel Z: The Beginning of Everything has returned with the life story of another remarkable woman. This time around Fowler’s focus is on Alva Smith Vanderbilt Belmont, an American socialite in the Gilded Age […]

Lies by T. M. Logan

Joe Lynch is a thirty-something English teacher at Haddon Park Academy. He had married Mel nearly a decade ago, and together they have a four-year-old son, William. When William was born, Joe had cut down his hours at work to let Mel keep the career she loved, and from the beginning, you get the sense […]

She Was the Quiet One by Michele Campbell

Bel and Rose Enright are twin sisters, but they couldn’t be more different from each other. Bel takes after their mom, so she is a dreamer and a stunner who turns heads around wherever she goes. Next to Bel, Rose is just plain looking, but what she lacks in looks, she makes up for with […]

What Lies Between¬†Us by Nayomi Munaweera

What Lies Between Us is a heart-wrenching story written by Nayomi Munaweera in which a young Sri Lankan woman living in the US is the protagonist. This young woman remains unnamed for the most part of the novel, and the story is a confession of sorts told from the confines of her cell where she […]