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2019: Year in Review

I read 71 books this year, but on Goodreads, I recorded only 67. The reason for this discrepancy is – well, I enter books on Goodreads only once I review them on my blog. ūüėé [The books I didn’t review are Born a Crime (loved it, just too lazy to review), Where the Crawdads Sing […]

2018: Year in Review

Once again I came ahead of my goal this year. My plan was to read 52 books, and I managed to read 74! However, I didn’t do well with my any of my big reading projects. I wanted to read 12 Persephone Books, but I ended up reading only 4! Same goes to my Vintage […]

2017: Year in Review

2017 was a good reading year for me. I planned on reading 52 books, but ended up reading 71! ūüėÄ I wasn’t able to meet all the goals I set for myself though. But I think I completed at least 90% of it, which is good enough. My biggest project was reading¬†Ir√®ne N√©mirovsky’s works. I […]