The Damage is a visceral story of the aftermath of rape. On one fateful night, Nick, a twenty-year-old college boy, goes out drinking with his flatmate to work up the courage to let go of his unrequited love. At the bar, Nick meets Josh, a handsome and charming man to whom Nick is instantly attracted. […]

The Startup Wife, which calls attention to the gender imbalance and sexism in the tech world, is another one of the recently published novels with a plausible plot. Asha Ray, daughter of Bangladeshi immigrants, is pursuing her PhD at Columbia when she reconnects with Cyrus Jones, her high school crush, and marries him after dating […]

This book started out strong, so much so that it reminded me of Aravind Adiga’s The White Tiger, my favorite Booker Prize winner. Both novels, set in India, are rags to riches stories featuring poor, low-caste protagonists who realize they too must play dirty if they want to get a leg up in a corrupt […]

I’m not sure which genre The Boys’ Club would fall under – is it a thriller or a literary fiction? Unfortunately enough, whatever the genre it may belong to, this #MeToo story set in the corporate law world felt very plausible. Alex Vogel is a recent graduate from Harvard Law who has just joined Klasko […]

Ly’s moving memoir, written with much candor, is about growing up in a Vietnamese American household in Queens, New York. Ly, the youngest, and the only girl, in a family of four children, was a toddler when her parents migrated to the USA as refugees from rural Vietnam in 1993. From the beginning, their life […]

I have read novels on motherhood before, but they all felt abstract to me, and I always thought it is because I’m not a mother. But while reading When I Ran Away, I truly felt like I could understand what its protagonist Gigi was going through in my bones! When we first see Gigi in […]

I finished The Vanishing Half a few weeks back for book club (my first five stars read in 2021 – I absolutely recommend it!), so No One Is Talking About This is the second book I read from the Women’s Prize for Fiction shortlist this year. Writing-wise, Patricia Lockwood’s debut novel wasn’t my cup of […]

This book was a letdown especially since I was expecting it to be mind blowing after reading so many rave reviews of the author’s debut, The Silent Patient. In The Maidens, Miranda is a group therapist in London who has suffered many personal losses in her life. She has lost her parents, sister, and her […]

This candid biography of the Windsor sisters is for fans of The Crown. Given my interest in the British Monarchy since watching The Crown, it is nice to have a guide that separates fact from fiction. In this book, the author, Andrew Morton, who has written several biographies on the royal family and most known […]

I’ve been meaning to read E. M. Delafield’s Diary of a Provincial Lady for a while now, but never actually got around to it. So I’m glad I got the chance to read Tension, one of Delafield’s earlier novels published in 1920, even though Tension‘s self-righteous female lead, Lady Edna Rossiter, is nothing like the charming and delightful Provincial […]

Publication of Two-Way Murder marks a momentous moment in the British Library Crime Classics series, as it is the first time the book is getting published after being “lost” for over six decades! This last novel by E. C. R. Lorac, written shortly before her death, had slipped through the cracks upon her passing in […]

I picked up My Grandmother’s Braid because its synopsis reminded me of Donatella Di Pietrantonio’s A Girl Returned. Both novels feature children in precarious situations due to no fault of their own, and I have a soft spot for such stories. While I didn’t end up loving My Grandmother’s Braid as much as A Girl Returned […]

This book was not for me.  In Cheat Day, Kit and David have been together for twelve years and married for over seven. They are in their thirties, live in Kit’s childhood home in Brooklyn and have a stable marriage. The plot begins when the couple embarks on a new dietary program called Radiant Regimen. Although […]

After an unfortunate career change, Lizzie is now a corporate lawyer at Young & Crane. From childhood, Lizzie’s dream had been to work for the DA, prosecuting white-collar criminals. She had lived this dream for a while too, until it came crashing down, when her husband, Sam got into an accident. A while back, Sam, […]

Millie Gogarty is an octogenarian living in the small town of Dun Laoghaire, Ireland. Her husband and most of her friends have passed away, and she is lonely, so to keep boredom at bay and add a little bit of excitement to her life, she has started shoplifting! The problem is she has done it […]