The Sea is a book that genuinely daunted me! Oh boy! I thought I write long sentences! But no,¬†John Banville writes LONGER sentences! He uses gazillion commas and, at one point I swear it made my head spin! ūüėÄ Here is an¬†excerpt to give you a taste: Speaking of the television room, I realize suddenly, […]


I have been eyeing on¬†Dorothy Canfield Fisher’s¬†The Home-Maker (Persephone Book #7) for awhile now. So I was very glad to see the next short story in¬†The Persephone Book of Short Stories¬†is one of her short stories. ūüôā In The Rainy Day, the Good Mother, and the Brown Suit, we have a mother of three young […]


I finished reading¬†Milena Busquets’s¬†This Too Shall Pass¬†in a single sitting. The story begins at Blanca’s mother’s funeral. Blanca is a forty-year-old woman with two ex-husbands and two sons, and her mother’s death has left her terribly unhinged. Without being able to get past¬†the tragedy even after a month, Blanca decides to go to her family’s […]


I was looking at the table of contents in my¬†The Persephone Book of Short Stories today and realized I have somehow missed¬†Here We Are, the sixth short story in the collection! So I started reading it right away! Here We Are, written in 1931 is a story of newlyweds. The happy couple has been married […]


The Sympathizer was a fascinating¬†read. Having never read literature related to Vietnam War before, this book written by¬†Viet Thanh Nguyen,¬†a Vietnamese American helped me put things into perspective. I am a spy, a sleeper, a spook, a man of two faces. Perhaps not surprisingly, I am also a man of two minds. I am not […]


‘Irina is not the ordinary type of servant. Mrs. Clark told me on the ‘phone that she was really a very cultured person.’ ‘Then why’s she doing this sort of work?’ ‘She’s an emigre, dear. The revolution in Russia, you know. Why, in Paris there are grand duchesses who are waitresses and chambermaids’ Similar to […]


… “I proposed to the Vicar that the village’s dear choir should become a women’s only¬†choir.” “And how exactly did you do that?” Mrs. B. asked in her usual condescending way. “I explained that now that there’s a war going on, we’re far more in need of a choir that ever before. We need to […]


The next up in¬†The Persephone Book of Short Stories is Dimanche by¬†Ir√®ne N√©mirovsky. But since I am planning on reading¬†Dimanche and Other Stories (Persephone Book #87) as a part of my Ir√®ne N√©mirovsky year-long project, I decided to skip it for now, which left me with The Photograph written in 1935. The Photograph¬†was a delightful […]


Le Bal, consisting of two novellas by¬†Ir√®ne N√©mirovsky is the second book in my¬†Ir√®ne N√©mirovsky year-long project. Le Bal proved to be the perfect pick after I read Ruby, as I was in need for some mood-lifting. ūüėÄ Le Bal,¬†the first novella is about Kampf family. Alfred Kampf has recently made a fortune after struggling […]


Edith Wharton is the first female author to win the Pulitzer Prize (for The¬†Age of Innocence in 1920), so¬†I was very excited to read Roman Fever¬†as I have not read any of her books before. However, my excitement did not last long. I found Roman Fever to be a tad bit boring for my taste. […]