Millie Gogarty is an octogenarian living in the small town of Dun Laoghaire, Ireland. Her husband and most of her friends have passed away, and she is lonely, so to keep boredom at bay and add a little bit of excitement to her life, she has started shoplifting! The problem is she has done it […]

This novel based on the life of Marie Curie is one that ponders upon the question “what if.” Marie Curie, born Marya Skłodowska, was a governess back in Warsaw, Poland when she was in her early twenties. While working for the Żorawskis, a family of the landed gentry, Marie fell in love with Kazimierz, the […]

I think I have found a new author to join the ranks of Khalid Hussain and Mohsin Hamid! Reading The Bad Muslim Discount truly felt like a homecoming to me as I don’t see many South Asian characters in stories I read. The Bad Muslim Discount is about two families from Pakistan and Iraq whose […]

Murder’s a Swine is a unique addition to the British Library Crime Classics series as Nap Lombard is actually the pen name of the husband and wife writing duo Neil Stewart and Pamela Johnson. They co-wrote a pair of crime novels during their thirteen years of marriage featuring Agnes and Andrew Kinghof, a young amateur […]

I can’t remember the last time an author explored teenage angst and tumultuous friendships as well as Vida! Eulabee and Maria Fabiola have been best friends since kindergarten. They live in San Francisco’s Sea Cliff neighborhood with clear views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Pacific (before it became accessible only to the uber-wealthy, […]

This is one of the most gratifying modern crime novels I have read in a while. As you may know, crime is my go-to genre whenever I want a quick and easy read. Nowadays, I tend to pick the classics as I feel they have a cozy vibe to them that is missing in most […]

This was a strange book to read. In The Upstairs House, the protagonist Megan has just given birth to her daughter Clara. A first-time mom, Megan is suffering from baby blues and going through a range of emotions. She’s sleep-deprived, constantly tired, and engulfed in isolation even when surrounded by others. Motherhood has offered Megan […]

When I picked this up, I honestly thought this would be an upbeat book filled with carefree adventures of a college kid’s semester off in Asia – a sort of an antidote to our Covid-19 housebound lives. There is an adventure in this alright, but not the kind I would have imagined even in my […]

That Old Country Music is my second Kevin Barry – I read his Booker long-listed Night Boat to Tangier last year and wasn’t particularly impressed by it. His recent short story collection, That Old Country Music, set in Ireland has received rave reviews from critics and readers on Goodreads, so I’m in the minority when […]

I’m having great luck with new releases this year so far! Milk Fed was the fourth hot out of the press book that I read, and it was another four-star read for me. Milk Fed‘s protagonist, Rachel, is an aspiring comic in Los Angeles, with a daytime job at a talent agency. She is twenty-four […]

This is not the easiest to read because of its subject matter, but it’s a must-read. Amber Ruffin is a writer/cast member on Late Night with Seth Meyers show, and Lacey Lamar is her sister who has lived in Nebraska for most of her life. This book chronicles racist things that people have told Lacey, […]

When I learnt that Edgar Allan Poe was one of John Dickson Carr’s literary influences, I felt quite apprehensive about reading The Corpse in the Waxworks. I’m not a fan of Poe, as his stories are way too sinister for my taste. But I was hooked by this novel’s opening (“Bencolin [Carr’s detective] wasn’t wearing […]

In Sri Lanka, where I’m from, our cheese horizon begins and ends with Kraft Cheese. So coming to the US was a definite upgrade for us in cheese enlightenment terms – Colby Jack and Havarti soon became our favorites, and grilled cheese a fixed menu item. Even though our cheese adventures didn’t make us venture […]

This is going to be a short review as I feel this is a book I’ll have to revisit in the future. I have always been keen on reading novels based on the lives of famous writers’ wives, which is why I picked this up even though I’m yet to read any of James Joyce‘s […]

In Hades, Argentina, Thomas Shore is returning to Argentina in 1986 for the first time after he fled the country a decade earlier. He has received a call from Pichuca, the ailing mother of Isabel, Thomas’s first love. Pichuca is in her deathbed, and in her delusions, “over an increasingly scratchy line,” she raises the […]